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STEP 1: Lifter (4 gallons)

Green Product's Lifter is a three-inone multi-purpose, upholstery and drapery cleaner. Lifter cleans deeply into all types of fibers and fabrics, unlike conventional cleaners that remove only surface soils. By restoring the substrate to its like new state, the time required between cleanings increases. Green Product's Lifter is extremely effective on a wide variety of fibers and fabrics including new generation carpet. Lifter does not leave residuals therefore fresh water rinsing is not necessary. Green Product's Lifter can be used as a pre-spray and pad cleaning as well as a general purpose spotter. Lifter can also be used for the removal of chewing gum from most carpet fibers.

Green Carpet Lifter

SKU: CPlft1
1 Gallon
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