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CDC’s Foaming coil cleaner adds the one-two punch to fan coil air conditioner pre-season start-up and maintenance. Its powerful pH neutral formula is self-rinsing and non-toxic, cleaning both air conditioning and evaporative fan coils in minutes, eliminating the need for dangerous acid cleaners. Used in conjunction with CDC Anti-Clog units , total drain pan maintenance can be achieved for just pennies per day.


  • Cost-efficient and powerful, provides one-step maintenance of air conditioner and evaporative coils
  • pH neutral, phosphate-free
  • No-acid/non abrasive; non-corrosive/non-pitting; non-toxic
  • Self-rinsing formula with special penetrating action, eliminates the need for dangerous acids.

Foaming Coil Cleaner Liquid

SKU: 12120
1 Gallon
    1. Spray on coil surface to be cleaned
    2. Let Stand for 5-10 minutes depending on the severity of deposit. 
    3. No rinsing necessary. 
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