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FLEXO-GREEN CLEAN  is a proprietary selection of chemical cleaners and emulsifiers which is an efficient cleaner that will remove all your hardened and accumulated water-based inks from chrome and ceramic rolls without damaging the rolls! 

Flexo Green Clean

1 Gallon
  • Pour FLEXO- GREEN CLEAN #1 in the ink trough and turn the machine over several revolutions or spray it on. Then rinse and wipe the roll clean. All old ink is completely removed. FLEXO- GREEN CLEAN #1 can be diluted up to 20:1 with water. Dilutions should vary according to the degree of accumulation on the
    anilox rolls.
    For stubborn accumulations use a brush appropriate for the use on anilox rolls.

    LOW V.O.C.

    USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION CONTAINS 2BUTOXY ETHANOL. Keep container closed when not in use.


  • Begins working immediately
    Will not alter the pH of the inks— therefore not affecting the drying time of the ink Time-tested Extremely concentrated20:1
    Will not harm glass Non-Corrosive to metals
    Water soluble in hot or cold water Non-streaking

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