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Eliminating odor has never been easier.

Dumpster Fresh is the right choice for controlling all kinds of odors in dumpsters, compactors trash cans and dumpsites.


Just Sprinkle Super-Absorbent Dumpster fresh granules into the dumpster or waste container. Repeat after each service and odors are eliminated.

From not on controlling odors caused by restaurants, institutional and municipal waste will be easier than ever before.

Dumpster Fresh 5lb

SKU: 43100
1 Pound
    • Odor counteractant selectively filters out a broad spectrum of malodors, allowing only pleasant odors to be perceived.
    • Effectively suppresses gaseous malodors.
    • Designed for long-lasting performance. Provides dependable odor control between hauling cycles.
    • Economical, simple application and outstanding performance saves time and money.


    • Biodegradable
    • Non-Corrosive for worry free use.
    • V.O.C compliant.
  • For use on – Dumpsters at restaurants, offices, hotels. Trash Compactors. Sewage treatment plants. Landfill sites. Garbage Trucks. Municipal Dumps. Hospital Waste. Manure piles. Urine. Decaying Carcasses. Food waste, meat, fish, poultry.

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